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  • Cyclamen drops for sinusitis with 20 ml dispenser

Cyclamen drops: a powerful natural weapon to defeat sinusitis
Respiratory diseases, which are well known to all people, accompanied by a runny nose and difficulty breathing, in 90% of cases cause complications in the form of sinusitis. These disappointing data from European research laboratories indicate the scale of the spread of acute and chronic inflammation of the sinus mucosa. Even without obvious symptomatic manifestations, the disease gradually poisons the body, causing dysfunction of the respiratory, immune and cardiovascular systems.

The segment of drugs for the treatment of diseases with respiratory symptoms (runny nose, cough, headaches) occupies up to 30% of the entire domestic pharmaceutical market. But even such a variety of therapeutic agents rarely allows you to completely get rid of the painful manifestations of sinusitis. Ultimately, many patients have no choice but to agree to the painful procedure of rinsing the sinuses.

Traditional medicine has knowledge of an affordable and effective method of treating sinusitis. For this purpose, natural juice of forest cyclamen roots is used, diluted in water in an optimal percentage.

The most convenient form of using the product is a bottle of drops with a dispenser for instillation into the nasal sinuses.

Indications for use
The active substances of cyclamen juice help cleanse the blood of toxins and breakdown products that infect it during acute and chronic sinusitis. With the blood, toxins quickly and unhindered spread throughout the body, causing disruptions in the functioning of:

respiratory system (bronchitis, asthmatic manifestations),
heart muscle (infarction and pre-infarction conditions, arrhythmia, hypertension),
immune system (hypersensitivity to allergens, eczema, psoriasis),
brain (permanent headaches, distracted attention, decreased mental activity).
It is recommended to use cyclamen drops if the following symptoms occur:

difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, wheezing,
night snoring, asthma attacks,
headaches, discomfort when tilting the head,
neoplasms in the nasal cavities (cysts, polyps, adenoids),
permanent inflammatory processes caused by blood contamination with pus from the maxillary sinuses.
The effect of using cyclamen drops becomes noticeable already 2-3 days after the start of the course. Its action is expressed in:

removal of pus and mucus from the maxillary sinuses (accompanied by copious nasal discharge),
easier breathing, elimination of swelling,
stopping headaches, getting rid of the feeling of squeezing and fullness in the maxillary sinuses,
improving night sleep (snoring and choking go away),
cleansing the blood of pus and toxins, which stops the process of infection of internal organs,
normalization of the heart muscle, elimination of shortness of breath and arrhythmia,
relief of allergic reactions and dermatological rashes,
regeneration of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, strengthening the body’s protective barrier against bacterial and viral infections.
The prophylactic use of drops helps prevent the accumulation of pus in the sinuses and the development of complications in respiratory diseases.

The composition of the herbal medicine includes the juice of forest cyclamen roots and purified water.

The tubers of this plant contain large amounts of saponins and a specific substance - cyclamine. They reduce irritation of the mucous membrane and activate regeneration processes. Cyclamen juice improves reflex secretion of the mucous membrane, which significantly facilitates the process of self-cleaning.

Mode of application
When instilled, cyclamen juice causes a burning sensation, so when using the product for the first time, it is better to dilute it in water. You should start with a ratio of 1:3 (1 part product and 3 parts water). Gradually increase the concentration until using undiluted drops.

The course of instilling cyclamen drops into the nasal sinuses is 7 days. To ensure a full therapeutic effect, it is recommended to repeat the course three times at intervals of one week. For chronic sinusitis, increase the number of courses until the complete cessation of purulent nasal discharge.

During the course, instill 1-2 drops of the product into each nostril. Repeat the procedure twice a day (morning and evening). For better distribution of cyclamen juice throughout the mucous membrane, after instillation, gently massage the sinuses for 10 minutes, lying on your back. After the procedure, it is recommended to drink a cup of hot herbal tea with the addition of honey and lemon juice or breast decoction.

Cyclamen drops should not be used during pregnancy and lactation, as well as in children under 10 years of age. If an allergic reaction occurs, stop taking it. The plant is poisonous, so it is not recommended to exceed the indicated dosage.

Not a medicine.
Indications for use
Recommended as a source of tannins, flavonoids, contains salicin. Herbal bitters 9 STOPrazit are beneficial for the human body, contribute to its natural cleansing and restoration of health.
When used in doses significantly higher than recommended, a laxative effect and a feeling of discomfort in the abdominal area are possible. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the dose or stop taking the phytocomplex.

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Cyclamen drops for sinusitis with 20 ml dispenser

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