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  • ​Metronidazole  Tablets  500 mg  10 tablets.

​Metronidazole  Tablets  500 mg  10 tablets.
Pharmachologic effect
Metronidazole belongs to the group of antimicrobial drugs. The drug has high anaerobic activity. Has antiprotozoal and antibacterial effects.

The mechanism of action of Metronidazole is associated with changes in the DNA structure of pathogenic microorganisms sensitive to the action of the drug. These include:

Trichomonas vaginalis;
Entamoeba histolytica;
Gardnerella vaginalis;
Lamblia spp.;
Bacteroides spp.;
Fusobacterium spp.;
Veillonella spp.;
Clostridium spp.;
Peptostreptococcus spp.;
Eubacter spp.;
Peptococcus spp.;
Helicobacter pylori.
Aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms exhibit resistance to the drug. Metronidazole has the ability to enhance the effect of radiation therapy on tumor formations.

Metronidazole is well absorbed orally. Evenly distributed in tissues and biological fluids of the body. The bioavailability of the drug is about 80%. The drug penetrates the BBB and the placental barrier. Binds to blood proteins by 20%. Metabolized in the liver. The half-life of Metronidazole is 8 hours. Most of the drug is excreted in the urine, the remainder in feces.

Indications for use of Metronidazole
Indications for prescribing Metronidazole depend on the form of the drug. Among the main diseases for which the drug is used are:

chronic form of alcoholism;
prevention of infectious diseases in the postoperative period;
peptic ulcer of the stomach or duodenum, as well as gastritis associated with Helicobacter pylori;
long-term non-healing wounds;
trophic ulcers;
The dosage, form of release of the drug, frequency of use and duration of treatment are determined individually. The speed of recovery is influenced by the type of disease, its severity and the general condition of the body. There are general therapeutic recommendations for taking Metronidazole. These include:

The drug in tablet form is taken orally during or after meals. A single dosage varies from 250 to 500 mg. On average, the drug is taken 2-3 times a day.
Vaginal suppositories, tablets and gel are used intravaginally. The prescribed dosage is 500 mg 1–2 times a day. The average duration of treatment is 10 days. During therapy, it is recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse.
The dosage of ointment and gel for external use is selected individually. The course of treatment can last 3–9 weeks.
Metronidazole is not recommended for use if you have the following conditions:

individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
liver failure;
lactation period;
diseases of the central nervous system;
The drug is prescribed with caution during pregnancy and in case of renal failure. The dosage and frequency of taking the drug are selected individually.

Side effects of Metronidazole
The following side effects may occur while taking Metronidazole:

stool instability;
dry mouth;
loss of appetite;
disturbances of consciousness and coordination;
emotional lability;
weakness, increased fatigue;
sleep disturbance;
Quincke's edema;
urinary incontinence.
The appearance of any of the above symptoms requires stopping the medication and consulting a doctor.

Exceeding the therapeutic dosage of Metronidazole contributes to the appearance of overdose symptoms. These include:

If these signs appear, it is recommended to stop taking the drug and consult a doctor. In severe cases of overdose, hospitalization is required. There is no specific antidote. To relieve the above symptoms, symptomatic therapy is used.

Metronidazole enhances the effect of indirect anticoagulants. This is diagnosed by detecting an increase in prothrombin formation time.

The combined use of Metronidazole with ethanol contributes to the occurrence of side effects. Therefore, during treatment it is necessary to stop drinking alcohol.

Metronidazole contributes to the appearance of various neurological symptoms when prescribed together with Disulfiram.

Metabolism of Metronidazole slows down when it interacts with Cimetidine. Due to increased levels of the antimicrobial drug in the body, side effects may occur.

The simultaneous administration of Metronidazole with non-depolarizing muscle relaxants is not recommended.

Sulfonamides increase the antimicrobial activity of Metronidazole.

The combination of Metronidazole with Amoxicillin is not recommended for use in pediatric practice.

For children
Metronidazole uses 

in pediatric practice. The dosage is determined according to the age of the child:

up to 1 year, 125 mg per day is prescribed;
from 2 to 4 years, 250 mg of Metronidazole per day is used;
For children 5–8 years old, the daily dose of the drug is 375 mg;
over the age of 8 years, 500 mg of Metronidazole per day is prescribed;
products for external use are prescribed to children over 12 years of age.
Metronidazole during pregnancy and lactation
In the first trimester of pregnancy, taking Metronidazole is contraindicated. At a later date, the drug can be prescribed, but only if there are strict indications and under the supervision of a doctor. Due to the fact that the active substance of the drug penetrates into biological fluids, the use of Metronidazole is contraindicated during lactation.

Metronidazole and alcohol
The combined use of Metronidazole with alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. This is due to the fact that this combination can lead to side effects. These include a sharp drop in blood pressure, headache, dizziness, weakness, and fatigue.

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​Metronidazole  Tablets  500 mg  10 tablets.

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