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  • Fixodent Denture Adhesive with light mint flavour for complete care.
  • Strong hold, food seal and improved comfort - a complete, 3-in-1 solution
  • 10x better hold vs. no adhesive.
  • For full and partial dentures.
  • The only denture fixative approved by British Dental Health Foundation.

  • Confidence and comfort ensured for the whole day

  • Fixodent Complete denture adhesive helps you forget about your dentures so you can enjoy your life with no limitations. You can now do and eat what you want - Fixodent will make sure that your dentures are comfortably and securely in place, and food particles don’t get beneath your dentures. Thanks to its strong hold and unique cushion between gums and dentures, Fixodent Complete will fill you with confidence and comfort throughout the day. Try it now in a fresh mint flavour.

Did you know?

A large number of published clinical studies show that Fixodent improves the performance of your dentures and it even improves hold of well-fitted ones.

With an easy application, Fixodent adhesives adapts incredibly well to the unique shape of your gums to create a custom fit.

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Fixodent Denture Adhesive

  • Product Code: Fixodent Клей для зубных протезов
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  • 4.70€

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